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     Official EVP Page   


Click on the links below to hear EVPs from the Victoria room on the Promenade deck of the Queen Mary.

First entered the room

What is your name?

Is it easier for you?

This one is a little harder to hear, but listen for "Thank You" at the very end of the clip, once Suzie and I already said thank you.

Thank You

These are probably the hardest to hear. You probably want to have headphones to listen to these.

Is the ghost mad? Can you hear the answer?

On the second EVP, what does the ghost say after I am done talking?

Are you mad?

What does the ghost say?

If you couldn't quite hear the ghost well enough in "What does the ghost say?", click on the EVP below. It is a one second clip with just the ghost's word(s) with the volume increased.

Amplified Ghost Word

We got this EVP in the Mariana room. We can't tell what the ghost says after Suzie asks "What is your name". It sounds a little angry.

Angry Ghost?

Another from the Mariana room. After Suzie stops knocking, listen for the inattentive ghost.

What'd she say?


Here are a few full length EVP sessions that we extracted the shorter EVPs from that are above. We had an EMF detector and we were getting readings from that as well.

First session in Victoria Room - some good EVPs

Session in Mariana Room - some hard to understand EVPs here

Second session in Victoria Room - not much here