JANUARY- Flower is the Carnation and Birthstone is Garnet
  Date Who Importance
  1st Dominic D. Birthday
  3rd Zak P. Birthday
  9th Diana N. Birthday
  13th Lillian G. Birthday
  16th Julie B. Birthday
  17th Suzie M. Birthday
  20th Howard M. Birthday
  22nd Mom and Dad Anniversary
  26th Cassandra M. Birthday
  30th India  Birthday
  FEBRUARY - Flower is Violet and Birthstone is Amethyst
  Date Who Importance
  2nd Larry M. Birthday
  3rd Paul M. Birthday
  6th Christina B. Birthday
  9th Michelle Mays Birthday
  22nd Danny M. Birthday
  MARCH - Flower is Jonquil and Birthstone is Aquamarine
  Date Who Importance
  1st  Sarah K. Birthday
  2nd Tony M. Birthday
  3rd Nancy M. Birthday
  14th Frankie D. Birthday
  19th Rosanne K. Birthday
  19th Jackson H. Birthday
  27th Bryce H. Birthday
  APRIL - Flower is Sweet Pea and Birthstone is Diamond
  Date Who Importance
  3rd Jess H. Birthday
  6th Janet D. Birthday
  7th Jack D. Birthday
  9th Eddie M. Birthday
  21st Mark and Marcy M. Anniversary
  30th Brian H. Birthday
  MAY - Flower is Lily of the Valley and Birthstone is Emerald
  Date Who Importance
  3rd Emily P. Birthday
  4th Mike D. Birthday
  9th Marcy M. Birthday
  12th Guy P. Birthday
  14th David D. Birthday
  14th Guy and Joan P.  Anniversary
  17th Mom Kostelecky Birthday
  18th Ali M. Birthday
  23rd Anna D. Birthday
  24th Hozzle Birthday
  JUNE - Flower is Rose and Birthstone is Alexandrite
  Date Who Importance
  1st Craig D. Birthday
  11th Eddie and Suzie M. Anniversary
  15th Michelle Mencacci Birthday
  20th Carrie K. Birthday
  22nd Jeanne B. Birthday
  22nd Brena M. Birthday
  23rd Joan P. Birthday
  26th Gay R. Birthday
  JULY - Flower is Larkspur and Birthstone is Ruby
  Date Who Importance
  5th Katie P. Birthday
  5th  Andy K. Birthday
  10th Dad Mays Birthday
  14th Mom Mays Birthday
  21st Evie F. Birthday
  29th Vinny M. Birthday
  AUGUST - Flower is Gladiola and Birthsone is Peridot
  Date Who Importance
  9th Curt K. Birthday
  10th Mark M. Birthday
  12th Tyler N. Birthday
  12th Jimmy K. Guinness Run/Bday ??
  12th Agnes F. Birthday
  13th Teri K Birthday
  13th Adam P. Birthday
  20th Dad Kostelecky Birthday
  23rd Jeff K. Birthday
  24th Colleen D. Birthday
  30th Rachel C. Birthday
  SEPTEMBER - Flower is Aster and Birthstone is Sapphire
  Date Who Importance
  6th Jeff S. Birthday
  13th Craig K. Birthday
  19th Jerry and Julie B. Anniversary
  19th Kelly M. Birthday
  20th Josh M. Birthday
  22nd Tony and Michelle M. Anniversary
  22nd Josie M. Birthday
  24th Jordan M. Birthday
  28th Melissa K. Birthday
  OCTOBER - Flower is Marigold and Birthstone is Opal
  Date Who Importance
  13th Aiden C. Birthday
  20th Brian and Jess H. Anniversary
  27th Jerry B. Birthday
  NOVEMBER - Flower is Chrysanthemum and Birthstone is Citrine
  Date Who Importance
  4th Michael M. Birthday
  4th Aaron K. Birthday
  15th Tyler K. Birthday
  15th Kyle K. Birthday
  DECEMBER - Flower is Narcissus and Birthstone is Blue Zircon
  Date Who Importance
  30th Stephanie F. Birthday
  30th Brynn H.  Birthday