*****Challenge Rules / Point Accumulation*****

For every 30 minutes of exercise, you receive a half (0.50) of a point.

If you lose a pound (or more) or maintain weight (no gain), you earn a point (1.00).

No more than 8 points may be accumulated in a week (I don't want to create any addictive issues with exercising!)

The person with the most points wins a little prize! The real prize for you is taking measures towards a healthy life and getting primed for summer! But, still, you'll get a prize, too.  :)

The challenge runs from Friday to Thursday (weighing in on Fridays).

Please have your results to me by end of day Saturday. I really appreciate it! You may drop out at any time.

Administrator Contact Information:
or text me at 651.283.9688
or email me on Facebook